Founded by Bryan Overstreet in 2014, The Coffee Movement began while working at a small café in the northern beaches of Sydney. Through that experience we learned that the coffee culture in Australia is uniquely different than that of the American cafés: coffee isn’t just fuel for work or bound to the walls of a specialty coffee shop - it’s a way of life and offers a community for everyone, something celebrated in its beauty and intention.  Australian café culture seamlessly blends coffee with fresh food, leisure, and great conversation. This ideology is what The Coffee Movement brings to work spaces, events and other cafés looking to transform the way coffee is served.

Our journey began with a coffee growing community in the South Pacific Nation of Vanuatu - specifically the remote island of Tanna.  We have the privilege of joining friends and colleagues, No Label Coffee and Barrel One Coffee Roasters for their yearly origin trip to the island.  The experience has left us with a humbled view of coffee and the cultures around the world supporting it.